Seagull City
갈매기의 도시
  • 공존의 삶
Synopsis Seagulls are dedicated city dwellers which wake the city up in the morning. In the city, seagulls find shelter for their young ones, and human rubbish with lots of leftovers to eat. In Seagull City, we experience urban life through the eyes of the seagulls, and investigate the co-existence between people and birds in an environment that we usually consider as ‘ours’.
Sascha FÜLSCHER 사샤 플루스테
Sascha FÜLSCHER studied documentary film at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. Her graduation film and previous short Next Door Letters has been screened and awarded at numerous festivals and broadcasted on Swedish Television. Sascha is part of the production collective RåFILM based in Malmö and Stockholm.
Director Sascha FÜLSCHER
Country Sweden
Year 2015
Running Time 14min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule