Sea Wolf
마른 바다의 늑대선장
  • 널리 보는 세상-그린 아시아
Synopsis The film is about the old man's love to his ship and sea. He believes that the right time will come very soon and he has to live with hope and faith. Day by day the lone ship stands on the beach. The environmental impact and almost dry not a big sea. There no need in ships and boats. But the Captain associated all his life with his ship. Past and present it so closely intertwined.
Almas BEKTIBAEV 알마스 벡티바예브
Almas BEKTIBAEV was born in 1975, educated in Kazakh National Institute of Arts named after Zhurgenov. He is on faculty in Film and TV and producing Film and TV.
Director Almas BEKTIBAEV
Country Kazakhstan
Year 2012
Running Time 18min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule