Scent of Myrtle
  • The Foods We Love
Program Note Francesco MATTU, a main character in this documentary, lived in various regions of Italy following his father who was a shepherd in his childhood. This outgoing and cheerful man, Francesco, once worked at the construction site, but now he settles down in Friuli. He herds sheep and produces cheese. The director had happened to meet Francesco and then, decided to make his unique and attractive story a film. This documentary mixes Francesco’s past and present, and deliberately breaks down the boundary between documentary and fiction. It also captures the culture, scenery, and lifestyle of Friuli in a comprehensive way.
Christian Canderan
Christian graduated in Disciplines of Art, Music and Entertainment in Bologna, 2002. In 2005 he founded SUNFILMS, which have received both national and international festival recognitions and awards.
Director Christian Canderan
Country Italy
Year 2021
Running Time 90min
Genre Documentary
  • Korean Premiere
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