Sasang: The Town on Sand
  • Korean Competition
  • Talking Places
Synopsis The lives and bodies of Sung-Hee and Su-Young have been mired by constant exploitation. The film reflects on the people and labour that capitalism has tried to hide and neglect. This documentary captures wounded lives embraced by Sasang, the "Town on Sand," where the scars inflicted by capitalism prevail.
PARK Bae-Il 박배일
Currently working in Ozi Film, he started the documentary with Just Their Christmas (2007) about the life of his next-door grandmother. He dreams of a world where laborers, women, and people with disabilities are no longer discriminated against.
Director PARK Bae-Il
Country Korea
Year 2020
Running Time 132min
Genre Documentary
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NameCinema Dal
Tel(+82) 23372135