• 국제환경영화경선
Synopsis This film is a documentary about the local effects of global fisheries on the small Cape Verdean village. José FORTES, a former footballer returning to his birth place to understand why the beach by the village has disappeared. The fish that provided income and food for generations are disappearing and people are being forced to sell the sand from their beaches just to survive. As the islands have little fresh water and therefore arable land, meaning that around 82% of all food must be imported and the resulting high prices on consumer goods has driven locals to begin the wholesale destruction of their own land and now the last remaining resource, sand, is rapidly vanishing. Furthermore, the vanishing beaches of Cape Verde dissuade tourists from visiting parts of the country, depriving businesses from a vital source of revenue.
Jordie MONTEVECCHI , Gabriel MANRIQUE 조디 몬테베치, 가브리엘 만리케
Jordie MONTEVECCHI and Gabriel MANRIQUE have been working together on challenging projects since 2008. Their films are inspired by a background in anthropology and a lifetime of traveling. In January 2009 Gabriel and Jordie sparked Matchbox Media Collective, a creative multimedia network aimed at renovating the way we produce and consume media.
Director Jordie MONTEVECCHI , Gabriel MANRIQUE
Country UK
Year 2013
Running Time 70'
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule