• The End of Natural Resources
Synopsis This is the story of a cause to create the world’s largest marine sanctuary in the Antarctic Ocean. On this journey, we follow brothers Javier and Carlos BARDEM, spokespersons for the Antarctic Sanctuary campaign, in their endeavor to raise the necessary awareness and support to make this initiative a reality. We will accompany our protagonists on their voyage aboard the Arctic Sunrise and see first-hand how science, politics and social media have joined forces to bring together almost 3 million people in support of this cause, which ultimately rests in the hands of an international governing body.
Álvaro LONGORIA 알바로 롱고리아
In 1999, he founded the film production company Morena Films with his partners. His directorial debut Sons of the Clouds (2013) won the Goya Award. He is also known for The Propaganda Game (2015) and Two Catalonias (2018).
Director Álvaro LONGORIA
Country Spain
Year 2019
Running Time 78min
Genre Documentary
  • Korean Premiere
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NameTaskovski Films
Tel(+48) 732 496 735