• Korean Competition
  • Dear Our Animal Friends
  • Special Screening: Barrier Free Version
Program Note Director WANG Mincheol, who previously captured the daily lives of the animals in Cheongju Zoo in his film Garden, Zoological, now turns his camera to the people who are tirelessly working to establish a wildlife shelter called “Sanctuary” to rescue and provide lifelong care for animals in need due to injuries or loss of their mother. The only way to save animals that cannot return to the wild due to reasons such as injury, attachment to humans, or other reasons, without euthanizing them, is to create a sanctuary. The film vividly captures the activities of a range of individuals such as zookeepers, veterinarians, and rescue workers, while providing a multifaceted perspective on animal rights issues.
WANG Mincheol
Born in Seoul. He studied metallurgical engineering and worked in video design. After majoring in film in Cologne, Germany, he has been working mainly as a documentary cinematographer.
Director WANG Mincheol
Country Korea
Year 2022
Running Time 121min
Genre Documentary
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