Samichay, in Search of Happiness
사미차이, 행복을 찾아서
  • International Competition
  • Animal Liberation
Synopsis The highest peaks of the mountains rise above the clouds. Sometimes they seem to merge with the sky. There is no god and neither there is a devil. We are in the heights of the Peruvian Andes, more than 5,000 meters above sea level, where Celestino, a peasant hermit, undertakes a healing journey with his cow Samichay, from the loneliness and the height of the Andes to the chaos of urban and villages.
Mauricio FRANCO TOSSO 마우리시오 프랑코 토소
He is a Peruvian filmmaker, whose work ranges between fiction, documentary and experimental. His debut feature, Samichay, in Search of Happiness is premiered at the 24th Lima Film Festival 2020.
Director Mauricio FRANCO TOSSO
Country Peru
Year 2020
Running Time 88min
Genre Fiction
  • Asian Premiere
Screening Schedule
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NameQuecha Films