• 지속가능한 삶
Synopsis The earth’s largest salt flat, Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni, is an otherworldly expanse of white. For generations, the only signs of life have been the saleros who harvest salt from its radiant surface. This secluded region is thrust into the future when Bolivia embarks on a plan to build an infrastructure that will connect it to the modernized world. Salero is a poetic journey through the eyes of Moises, one of the last remaining salt gatherers, whose story explores how identity is formed by both tradition and progress.
Mike PLUNKETT 마이크 플런켓
Mike PLUNKETT is a New York-based director, writer and editor for film and television. His short films have been shown at the Sundance Film Festival, the Queens Museum, the Director’s Guild of America and aired on PBS. Salero is his first documentary feature film and has garnered awards from Tribeca Film Institute, San Francisco Film Society and New York State Council for the Arts, among others.
Director Mike PLUNKETT
Country USA/Bolivia
Year 2015
Running Time 76min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule