Sad Pierrot
슬픈 피에로
  • 한국 환경영화의 흐름 - 장편
Synopsis A lady was caught by airport police officer when she was trying to leave Bangkok hiding a tiger cub in her suitcase. Wildlife crime officers of Thai found out that the tiger was from illegal tiger farm in the northern Thai and went after the farm. Most of the tigers, poachers are keeping, came from India in which the largest number of wild Bengal tigers are. Even though the Bengal tigers are in wilderness, they are also chased by poachers as well as tourists. There are female tigers who has three cubs. The female are very nervous to keep her cubs safe from human. The female was at last killed by poachers and one of her cub was taken away by the poachers to Thailand.
In Thai, all tigers from India became Pierrots which are being taken advantage of for the fun of human such as tigers in circus and in tiger temple.
Park Hwan-sung 박환성
Director Park Hwan-sung
Country Korea
Year 2010
Running Time 68'
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule