Sacred Ground
성스러운 공원
  • International Competition
  • Talking Places
Synopsis A collision between orthodox believers and local dwellers, who don’t want to have a new church instead of a park or a public garden is quite common in the Russian capital these days. “200 Churches” development project started by the Russian Orthodox Church in cooperation with the Moscow government provoked several severe conflicts in the city. The film focuses on a story of Torfyanka, a small park where contention between the believers and park defenders has turned into a severe struggle with night watches, physical fights and mutual offense.
Sergey KOZMIN 세르게이 코즈민
He was born in Moscow. He started as a cameraman for TV-companies and news agencies on reportage and features in Russia and former republics of the USSR. Three years ago he turned to documentary filmmaking.
Director Sergey KOZMIN
Country Russia
Year 2019
Running Time 64min
Genre Documentary
  • International Premiere
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