Running Wild
  • 동물과 함께 사는 세상
Synopsis Running Wild includes breathtaking scenery shot in the Black Hills Wild of South Dakota- western Oregon and Michigan's Lake District. Footage of captured wild horses presents a stark contrast to the horses running free on the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. Through a series of interviews with Dayton, his family and the volunteers at the sanctuary, Running Wild reveals Dayton Hyde's extraordinary life and vision conveying the emotional healing that the sanctuary nurtures in Dayton, the volunteers and each and every horse that now runs free. Beyond telling this intimate story have created a film that also serves as an enduring record of tales from a West that was and will never be again.
Suzanne MITCHELL 수잔 미첼
Mitchell has produced two comprehensive historical documentary programs - ABC’s The Century and A&E’s The Millennium Biography Special. As supervising producer for HBO, Suzanne managed a multi-million dollar budget for the 13-part docu-drama, G-String Divas. Recently, Mitchell produced a series of mini-docs as part of History’s epic series America The Story of Us.
Director Suzanne MITCHELL
Country USA
Year 2013
Running Time 93min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule