Rivercide: The Secret Six
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Synopsis For the past 10 years, Oh-My-News has been following former Korean president LEE Myung-Bak’s ‘Pan Korea Grand Waterway’ project he proclaimed as his main election pledge during his presidential candidate campaign. The uproar that followed the on-line news site’s report on Germany and the Netherlands’ canals on February 2007 played a crucial role in pushing the former president to drop the Grand Waterway project. Nevertheless, suspicions were raised that LEE’s multi-billion dollar ‘Maintenance of the 4 Great Rivers’ project was in fact the Grand Waterway project in disguise, while wasted tax-payers’ money and collusion with a major construction firm were disclosed during an investigation. To make matters worse, academia, religious circles, civil societies and the press were unable or gagged from serving their roles, resulting in the defamation of democracy. This film raises the issue of the ‘4 Great Rivers project’ for collective discourse by documenting those who sided with the LEE government and those who stood their grounds to preserve the Geum, Nakdong, Han, and Yeongsan Rivers, and resist these rivers from being destroyed.
KIM Byung-Gi 김병기
1965년 충남 당진 출생. 오마이뉴스 취재 및 편집 국장을 지냈다. 지난 10여년간 4대강사업 보도를 이어 왔으며 2019년엔 ‘삽질의 종말’ 기획 기사를 연재했다.
Director KIM Byung-Gi
Country Korea
Year 2018
Running Time 108min
Genre Documentary
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