• Trash Flow, Plastic Oceans
Synopsis Throughout history, rivers have shaped our landscapes and our journeys; flowed through our cultures and dreams. River takes its audience on a journey through space and time; spanning six continents, and drawing on extraordinary contemporary cinematography, including satellite filming, the film shows rivers on scales and from perspectives never seen before. Its union of image, music and sparse, poetic script will create a film that is both dream-like and powerful, honouring the wildness of rivers but also recognises their vulnerability.
Jennifer PEEDOM 제니퍼 피돔
She is a writer and director of gripping non-fiction films, including Sherpa, which was nominated for a BAFTA Award for best documentary in 2016 and won the Grierson Award at the London Film Festival.
Director Jennifer PEEDOM
Country Australia
Year 2021
Running Time 75min
Genre Documentary
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Tel+44 2072536244