River Changes Course
톤레삽강은 멈추지 않는다
  • 국제환경영화경선
Synopsis Twice a year in Cambodia, the Tonle Sap River changes course, while the river of life flows in a perpetual cycle of death and rebirth and of creation and destruction. Working in an intimate, cinema verite style, filmmaker Kalyanee MAM, director of photography for the Oscar-winning documentary Inside Job, spent two years in her native homeland following three young Cambodians struggling to overcome the crushing effects of deforestation, overfishing, and overwhelming debt. A breathtaking and unprecedented journey from the remote, mountainous jungles and floating cities of the Cambodian countryside to the bustling garment factories of modern Phnom Penh, this film traces a remarkable and devastatingly beautiful story of a country torn between the rural present and an ominous industrial future.
Kalyanee MAM 칼리야니 맘
Kalyanee MAM was born in Cambodia and fled the refugee camps and immigrated to the United States. In 1998, Kalyanee returned to her native homeland and made films about atrocities occurring in Cambodia even today. In Iraq, she discovered a passion enabled her to direct, produce her first documentary about Iraqi refugees and it led her to work as cinematographer, associate producer on the Oscar-winning documentary, Inside Job.
Director Kalyanee MAM
Country Cambodia, USA
Year 2013
Running Time 83'
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule