Rio, I Love You
사랑해, 리우
  • 개막작
Synopsis Rio, I Love You, the third film in the City of Love franchise following Paris, je t’aime (2006) and New York, I Love You (2008) comprises of 11 segments directed by world-renowned film directors. A diverse array of people occupying the city are captured in each director’s different style. As the characters find love, long for love, or fall out of love, the colorful spectrum of the city landscape seem to come alive along with their emotions. The actor exhausted of fame is recharged by sudden energy at the scene of Sugarloaf Mountain, The waiter in tuxedo reveals his hidden desire with vibe in the night air. After closely depicting the emotions of people who cross each other’s in the film, it does not forget to remind that this beauty also bear problems, saying ‘Police is killing people, when it rains everybody dies, children don’t have schools.’ But still looking beautiful, this praise to the beautiful city, Rio is a kaleidoscope of the life and an encouragement and comfort to ourselves living in the world.
Paolo SORRENTINO, IM Sang-Soo, Nadine LA 파올로 소렌티노, 임상수, 나딘 라바키, 존 터투로, 카를로스 살다나, 스티븐 엘리어트 P
Director Paolo SORRENTINO, IM Sang-Soo, Nadine LA
Country Brazil
Year 2014
Running Time 109min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule