흔들리는 계절
  • International Competition
  • 2020 Focus - Eco Us, Eco Earth
Synopsis A story composed of fragments of lives lived in the periphery. Beata, a seasonal worker who comes to Sweden for the first time, Aaron, a young man with a broken heart returning to the place where he grew up, and Billie, a girl lost in her first summer vacation. As the film follows their lives, which slowly merge with the landscape, a map is drawn of the confusion between machines, people, and animals. It becomes clear how they all depend on each other in this era where the future is obscured by man's violent imprint on the planet.
John SKOOG 욘 스코그
He graduated from the Städelschule, Frankfurt in 2012. His short films have been featured at film festivals and art museums e.g. Berlinale, the Modern Museums in Vienna and Frankfurt, the Rotterdam Film Festival.
Director John SKOOG
Country Sweden
Year 2019
Running Time 71min
Genre Documentary
  • Asian Premiere
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NameSwedish Film Institute
Tel(+46) 86 65 1152