야생재건 프로젝트
  • Coexistence, Paradise for Every Life
Synopsis Bring back vanished species, give vast areas over to nature, re-discover the ancient landscapes in Europe? The idea of rewilding programs sounds fascinating. But the rewilders' vision raises many questions. Why not concentrate on our existing natural heritage? What would the consequences be for existing ecosystems? What would be the risk to human activity? All the more so since rewilding goes far beyond a simple matter of managing biodiversity, and of conserving wildlife... This film is a unique opportunity to look at both sides of the coin on this, the continent Europe.
Vincent PERAZIO 뱅상 페라지오
He worked for different editorial offices dealing with sports and then made numerous reports for Thalassa. Since then, he has written and directed documentaries for France Télévisions and Arte in the fields of discovery, adventure, and science.
Director Vincent PERAZIO
Country France
Year 2018
Running Time 52min
Genre Documentary
  • Korean Premiere
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NameBonne Pioche Television
Tel(+33) 0 149 29 46 00