• 한국환경영화경선
Synopsis Résonances is an invitation to discover Korea and France through the ritual of two atypical farmers. They reveal themselves through their relationship to the animal world, earth, air and the liquid element. Rivers of clouds winding through highlands echo to the surf of the sea on volcanic rocks.The ghostly mist absorbs the animals and their owners, while the black silhouettes of divers disappear in the water. Thus the two worlds resonate.
Jean-Julien POUS 장줄리앙 푸스
Jean-Julien POUS is a French filmmaker whose works include animation and video works. Born in China, he spent his childhood in Bordeaux and Hong Kong. His shorts harmoniously combine his influences from Chinese and French culture. He directed event films for Chanel, the Spanish Tourism Board and the Museum of History of Wuxi.
Director Jean-Julien POUS
Country Korea, France
Year 2017
Running Time 61min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule