Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania
리투아니아 여행의 추억
Synopsis “The film consists of three parts. The first part is made up of footage I shot with my first Bolex, during my first years in America, mostly from 1950-1953. It shows me and my brother Adolfas, how we looked in those days; miscellaneous footage of immigrants in Brooklyn, picnicking, dancing, singing; the streets of Williamsburg. The second part was shot in August 1971, in Lithuania. Almost all of the footage comes from Semeniskiai, the village I was born in. You see the old house, my mother (born 1887), all the brothers, goofing, celebrating our homecoming. You don't really see how Lithuania is today: you see it only through the memories of a Displaced Person back home for the first time in twenty-five years. The third part begins with a parenthesis in Elmshorn, a suburb of Hamburg, where we spent a year in a forced labor camp during the war. After the parenthesis closes, we are in Vienna where I see some of my best friends. The film ends with the burning of the Vienna fruit market, August, 1971. The soundtrack: For most of the film I speak of myself as a ‘displaced person,’ about my relationship to Home, Memory, Culture, Roots, Childhood. There are also a few Lithuanian songs sung by all the MEKAS brothers.” - Jonas MEKAS
Jonas MEKAS 요나스 메카스
Jonas was born in 1922 in Lithuania. He was active in the resistance as his country was invaded by Russians and then by Germans, and in 1944 he fled to Vienna with his younger brother Adolfas. Their train was rerouted to Hamburg Germany where they spent the last year of the war as prisoners in a forced labor camp and then four years in displaced persons’ camps in Germany. They could not go home; the iron curtain had fallen across Europe and they could only go west, to America. They settled in New York in late 1949 and began following their dream to become filmmakers. Throughout the 1950s they worked in factories and scraped together money to survive while writing scripts and shooting 16mm films. They also began attending screenings and exhibitions, meeting artists and becoming part of the evolving New York arts scene. Jonas made his first feature film in 1961 and his second in 1963. Then he lost interest in narrative film and started shooting just for himself, inventing the diary style of filmmaking.
Director Jonas MEKAS
Country USA
Year 1972
Running Time 82min
Genre Film Diary
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