Refugees in Their Own Land
화산 아래 우리 동네
  • 중남미 환경영화특별전
Synopsis Refugees in their own land is an intimate portrait of a man and what belongs to him, an inner struggle forged by the forces of nature. After the explosion of a volcano in south of Chile, the government decided to abandon the nearest town to the volcano, Chaiten, and asked the people to leave. Filmed during four years in the south of Chile, the documentary tells the story of a group of people who return to their town after a volcanic eruption in order to stop the authorities from abandoning the place. There they encounter a bleak situation: the river flooded and many houses have completely disappeared. The years go by and the final verdict for the town doesn’t come. Time seems to have stopped. Now they live among the ashes, submerged in abandonment and persecuted by the State, trying to find a way to defend their identity. The hometown depicted in this film forms the memories of the people as well as a part of their identity. The long struggle with nature and government in the film reminds us how we’re physically and psychologically attached to our dwelling place.
Fernando MOLINA, Nicolás BIETTI 페르난도 몰리나, 니콜라스 비에티
Fernando MOLINA-Born in Argentina in 1980, Fernando MOLINA is filmmaker and audiovisual artist. Refugees in their own land is his first feature film after working as a multimedia producer and photographer in medias. /Nicolás BIETTI was born in Argentina in 1979. He is filmmaker and audiovisual producer. He began in the visual arts since 2005 after working for various digital media and independent projects related photography. Refugees in their own land is his debut as a filmmaker.
Director Fernando MOLINA, Nicolás BIETTI
Country Argentina
Year 2013
Running Time 96min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule