Red-end and the Factory Plant
레드엔드와 식물공장
  • 국제환경영화경선
Synopsis Redback, best friend of Red-end, has to find red peppers in the wood and discovers a gigantic bio-industry of carnivorous plants. However, he gets captured in one of the pitcher plants and is brought to the meat factory by slave ants. Red-end is having an alarming dream and starts chasing his friend. By sabotaging the meat factory, they set Redback free and rescue the slave ants.
Robin NOORDA, Bethany de FOREST 로빈 누다, 베타니 드포레스트
Robin NOORDA is active as a designer, animator, photographer and filmmaker. He is also giving lectures and courses for film schools and art academies. Bethany de FOREST has been active as a visual artist, photographer, designer, VJ and art director.
Director Robin NOORDA, Bethany de FOREST
Country Netherlands
Year 2015
Running Time 16min
Genre Animation
Screening Schedule