Recipes of Diet Diaries
타니타의 사원식당
  • 그린파노라마
Synopsis Tanita suggests a dieting campaign that tracks the weight-loss process of company employees. He hires Nanako, a formerly overweight classmate from high school who is now a nutritionist, and together with three employees with over 40% body fat, they begin a major weight-loss project. The company cafeteria is renewed to serve only healthy set menus. One problem after another arises as the overweight employees complain, give up, doublecross each other and lose self-control. Though bemused, Nanako makes every effort to help them stay optimistic. Will Tanita and the others reach their weight-loss goals? And what will happen to the new product launch?
LEE Toshio 리 토시오
LEE was already active as a director in the 1980s before graduating from Nihon University College of Art. He subsequently directed television variety shows featuring famous comedy and musical acts. In 2008, Detroit Metal City, distributed by Toho, surpassed one-million admissions in three weeks. It went on to become the #1 Japanese film in Hong Kong. LEE Toshio continues to be an in-demand director in the industry.
Director LEE Toshio
Country Japan
Year 2013
Running Time 100min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule