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Synopsis Tom has been eating Raw Food since he was five years old. His mother Francis believes it to be the healthiest diet. Tom is now 15 and seriously undernourished. Medical tests have shown that he is ingesting too few calories and is suffering from calcium deficiency. He will also be 12 to 15 centimetres shorter than if he’d had ‘normal’ nutrition. The strict diet has isolated Tom.The demand for intervention is growing. The hospital reported the mother for child neglect. Tom and his mother were summoned to court. The mother has officially been charged with child neglect and psychological abuse. She has been ordered to adjust the diet. But Francis has no intention of changing her lifestyle. She remains a committed ‘raw foodist,’ and is supported by an American raw food guru.
In RAWER we see how the world reacts to Tom and his mother. Will the mother continue to challenge boundaries? Will the authorities intervene? And, what will adolescent Tom do?
Anneloek Sollart 아넬로크 솔라르트
Director Anneloek Sollart
Country Netherlands
Year 2012
Running Time 54'
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule