Rafea: Solar Mamas
라페아, 솔라 마마
  • 기후 변화와 미래 - 왜 우리는 빈곤한가?
Synopsis Rafea is the second wife of a Bedouin husband. She is selected to attend the Barefoot College in India that takes uneducated middle-aged women from poor communities and trains them to become solar engineers. The college’s 6-month program brings together women from all over the world. Learning about electrical components and soldering without being able to read, write or understand English is the easy part. Witness Rafea’s heroic efforts to pull herself and her family out of poverty
Mona ELDAIEF, Jehane NOUJAIM 모나 엘다이프, 제핸 누젬
Mona ELDAIEF works as a director, director of photography and editor on documentary and TV projects. The works are A Wedding in Ramallah, and Her Name Is Zelda. Jehane NOUJAIM is a documentary filmmaker best known for her films Control Room, Startup.com and Pangea Day.
Director Mona ELDAIEF, Jehane NOUJAIM
Country Denmark
Year 2012
Running Time 52’04’’
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule