Radio Atacama
라디오 아타카마
  • 국제환경영화경선
Synopsis In 1966 the Chilean government evacuated the population of Pedro de Valdivia, a little town in the middle of the Atacama desert, due to the pollution of a near saltpeter plant. Benito Paften decided to stay in town, alone, for 13 years, with the sole company of a portable radio. The extreme loneliness evoke feelings on the elder, imaging invisible worlds to escape from reality.
Victor CERDÁN 빅토르 세르단
Victor CERDÁN has a Ph.D. on Journalism by the Universidad Complutense of Madrid, and is teacher of Fictional direction on the Universidad Camilo José Cela of Madrid, and Documentary screenwriting on the Instituto Universitario Tracor. His professional career started as reporter and producer of the Spanish TV show Callejeros. When he was 27 years old he was assistant manager of the TV show Ola-Ola. Since 2011 works as director and screenwriter on Taifas Film.
Director Victor CERDÁN
Country Spain
Year 2014
Running Time 15min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule