Punch Bowl
  • Korean Competition
Synopsis Pastor Kyung-Ok lost a leg when he was playing house as a child, Young-Sik lost both arms and his eyesight in one eye while helping his older sister do the laundry, and Jungho consumed his youth with resentment after losing one arm and his eyesight. What put their lives through misery were landmines that resurfaced from monsoon rains or were carelessly neglected by the military. Meanwhile, civilian demining specialist Ki-ho who believes the removal of landmines, the most inhumane and insidious weapons will be the foundation of the reunification of the Korean Peninsula embarks on a mission to find hidden landmines around the country as well as the Civilian Control Line.
KIM Young-Jo 김영조
Born in Busan, majored BA Department of Theater and Film(Kyungsung Univ.) and Film Production (Université Paris-VIII)
Director KIM Young-Jo
Country Korea
Year 2018
Running Time 93min
Genre Documentary
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NameKIM Young Jo