Point of No Return
Synopsis Point of No Return follows the journey of two Swiss pilots as they make an historic attempt to circumnavigate the globe in an airplane fueled exclusively by sunlight. Their mission: to prove the potential of clean technology and inspire hearts and minds. Along the way, technical failures, unplanned landings, and stormy weather put the entire Solar Impulse mission in jeopardy and drain their team’s spirits. To achieve their goal, they must push themselves far beyond their limits.
Quinn KANALY 퀸 캐널리
Noel DOCKSTADER, Quinn KANALY Creative partners for over a decade, filmmakers Noel DOCKSTADER and Quinn KANALY tell thought-provoking, impactful stories about science, history and exploration. Prior to embarking on Point of No Return, DOCKSTADER and KANALY’s collaborative works at Far West Film (San Francisco, CA) have been broadcast in the US and internationally on National Geographic, Discovery, Smithsonian, and PBS.
Noel DOCKSTADER 노엘 독스테이더
Director Quinn KANALY, Noel DOCKSTADER
Country USA
Year 2017
Running Time 95min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule
Print Sources
NameFar West Film Co.
Tel415 517 8323