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시린의 노래
  • 국제환경영화경선
Synopsis After receiving a BA in French literature from the University of Paris, Shirin PARSI returns to Iran and begins rice farming. The PARSI family promotes sustainable farming and refrains from using chemical pesticides and fertilizers. In a region where more and more farmers are selling their farms at very cheap prices to developers, the PARSIs produce 100% organic rice. This film follows her efforts to bring about social and environmental change.
Shirin BARGHNAVARD 시린 바그나바드
Shirin BARGHNAVARD is an independent documentary filmmaker who focuses on social and women’s issues. Her film 21 Days and Me explores how she is affected by the importance that traditional society places on getting pregnant, even after she is diagnosed with a tumor and awaits an operation. BARGHNAVARD was born in Tehran in 1976 and is a member of the Iranian Documentary Film Association (IRDFA) and the Iranian Short Film Association (ISFA).
Director Shirin BARGHNAVARD
Country Iran
Year 2017
Running Time 73min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule