Plastic Pioneers
플라스틱 파도
  • Trash Flow, Plastic Oceans
Synopsis The film tells the story of the Plastic Pioneers - from eminent scientists, campaigners on the front line, to the innovators and designers working on solutions to solve this global crisis that politicians and governments are largely ignoring. The film takes audiences on a journey to deep sea coral reefs, basking shark hotspots and huge seabird colonies, to discover first-hand the extreme danger of the scourge of plastic that’s engulfing every aspect of their lives. Plastic Pioneers is an urgent wakeup call and a film that inspires action.
Mike WAFER 마이크 와퍼
He is a documentary director with over 20 years’ experience directing critically acclaimed and landmark series for all of the major UK and international broadcasters including the BBC, National Geographic and Discovery Channel.
Director Mike WAFER
Country UK
Year 2022
Running Time 84min
Genre Documentary
  • International Premiere
Screening Schedule
  • DCG
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