Plastic LoVe
Plastic LoVe
  • 한국 환경영화의 흐름
Synopsis A thrown-away plastic bag glides the wind, strolls down the stairs, crosses the street, comes through the under passageway, escapes the driving cars, slides on the long bridge, tumbles over the square, crosses the river, and eventually comes back to me. It chokes me.
BANG Jaeho 방재호
The head of film production company Filmfreezer, he studied Mass Communication(Digital Arts as an interdisciplinary program) at Yonsei University. His filmography includes, The Hero's Helmet (2013), Dances With You (2012), The Travelogue of Ppaketchipsya on the Earth (2012) and Sky Ghost (2010).
Director BANG Jaeho
Country Korea
Year 2015
Running Time 4min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule