Piano Prism
피아노 프리즘
  • Korean Competition
  • Generation Extinction
Synopsis My clumsy piano, which I started as an adult. At the private lesson class, the teacher often sighes and is frustrated. But life revolves around the piano. It feels like walking down the city streets at night, drooling or in a melancholy moment, and somewhere in the midst of people singing happily, my piano is there. And the piano always accompanies my videos responding to social issues such as the Sewol ferry, Gangjeong Village, and Gwangju 5.18. One day, a planner offers a solo performance.
OH Jae Hyeong 오재형
Directed films such as Piano Prism, The Lump. Screened at the Busan International Film Festival, Jecheon International Music & Film Festival. In recent years, audio visual performance has been combined with video and piano performance.
Director OH Jae Hyeong
Country Korea
Year 2021
Running Time 92min
Genre Documentary
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Tel+82 1099304753