우주의 비밀
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Synopsis Rona (9) lives in a run down seaside town where the local power station seems to be sucking all the energy away. Her Mum is ill and her best friend Sandi (9) is planning to run away. When Rona finds the God Particle on the beach she thinks it may hold the energy they all need. Rona and Sandi take it to Uncle Les, the only person they know who may be able to harness the God Particle?s power, but as the day wears on Rona begins to wonder whether it?s actually going to help at all. PHYSICS is a short film about finding hope in the most hopeless of places.
추가본 : When Rona and Sandi (9) find the God Particle on the beach they think it may be able to bring energy back into their run down town.
Claire Oakley 클레어 오클리
Director Claire Oakley
Country UK
Year 2012
Running Time 13'
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule