Passion - Between Revolt and Resignation
수난의 기억
  • Anthropocene: The Hour of the Furnaces
Synopsis The movie shows the painful fact, that our world today is not what many of us dreamed it to be 50 years ago. Episodes from the author‘s life clash with pictures of the present; they narrate how the generation of 1968, vehemently fighting for their ideals, is now struggling to stay connected to these ideals. Texts by KAFKA, BRECHT, ZIZEK, MEINHOF and the music of BACH's St. Matthew Passion open the author’s view to the capitalist jungle that spans all five continents and the madness of a world suffering from global warming, war, overconsumption, refugee crises, and inequality.
Christian LABHART 크리스티안 라브하르트
He is a director and writer, known for Appassionata (2012), Giovanni Segantini - Magic of Light (2015), and Passion - Between Revolt and Resignation.
Director Christian LABHART
Country Switzerland
Year 2019
Running Time 80min
Genre Documentary
  • Asian Premiere
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