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Synopsis An unprecedented earthquake strikes and an explosion occurs at a nuclear power plant in Korea. Pandemonium breaks loose across theKorean peninsula by the unexpected disaster, and even the government's administrative control crumbles. Fear of radioactive materials being
released grows exponentially. But at the risk of a far worse, second explosion, the battle is on for Jae-hyuk and his fellow nuclear plant workers to prevent an even greater catastrophe at the risk of their lives!
PARK Jung-woo 박정우
After making his directorial debut with Dance with the Wind (2004), PARK directed Deranged, the 2012 film about killer parasites and was noted for presenting a new paradigm for disaster films in Korea. With the ingenious imagination and a keen eye for social issues, he presents outstanding directing based on the first nuclear disaster.
Director PARK Jung-woo
Country Korea
Year 2016
Running Time 136min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule