Our Mother
우리 어머니
  • 가족의 모든 것
Synopsis This film introduces 5 young second generation Korean Germans whose mothers have immigrated to Germany from Korea to work as nurses during the late 1960s. All have been born in Germany and reside in Berlin where they also hold jobs, yet they seem to identify with a sense of ‘Koreanness’. Our Mother was inspired by the desire to look back at the lives of the mothers of the 5 main characters and contemplate the filmmaker’s own future by exploring the sentiments and environments of the 5 main characters who are of the same generation as the filmmaker.
SONG Su-Jin 송수진
SONG Su-Jin is a young filmmaker based in Germany. She is of Korean descent, but was born and raised in Germany. SONG Su-Jin studied at the IFS international film school cologne majoring in creative producing. Since 2012 SONG Su-Jin is working as a freelancer in TV and film industry, where she also worked for small and large scale international co-productions and for international film festivals. As a freelance producer and director she realized several feature films in Germany and South Korea. SONG Su-Jin is currently producing international film projects for TV, Cinema and transmedia projects for internet platforms.
Director SONG Su-Jin
Country Germany
Year 2017
Running Time 49min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule