Our Cat
고양이 집사
  • Coexistence, Paradise for Every Life
Synopsis Leni, born as a stray cat, was forced to part with her mother because of human ignorance. Not long after, she got abandoned once again. Although she was rescued, she had to live in several temporary foster homes before finally meeting her current owner. Documentary director Hee-seop, tired of living in a city before meeting Leni, decides to capture the stories of cat butlers who dream of “co-existence” with cats in their own way.
LEE Hee-seop 이희섭
He is a director of photography as well as a co-director of the film The Goose Goes South (2018), which is about people who meet in a strange place and heal their wounds through the music. Our Cat is his first documentary feature.
Director LEE Hee-seop
Country Korea
Year 2019
Running Time 97min
Genre Documentary
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Tel(+82) 02 722 6051