Our Ark
우리의 방주
  • Generation Extinction
Synopsis Our Ark is an essay film on our efforts to create a virtual replica of the real world. We are backing up the planet, creating 3D models of animals, rainforests, cities and people. We are archiving as if ecological collapse could be staved off through some digital Noah’s Ark of beasts and objects.
Deniz TORTUM 데니즈 토르툼
Deniz Tortum works in film and immersive media. His work has screened internationally.
Kathryn HAMILTON 캐스린 해밀턴
Kathryn Hamilton is an artist and self-taught microbiologist working in NYC and Istanbul.
Director Deniz TORTUM, Kathryn HAMILTON
Country Netherlands, USA, Turkey
Year 2021
Running Time 13min
Genre Documentary
  • Korean Premiere
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NameInstitute of Time