OSHIKA Winds of Change
오시카무라에 부는 바람
  • Korean Competition
  • ECOmmunity
Synopsis Among the residents of Kamasawa is Simon Piggott, a translator originally from England, who moved to Oshika 30 years ago after living in and around Tokyo for many years. For him Oshika is somewhere special. Maeshima Kumi, whose family has lived in Oshika for several centuries and now runs a traditional inn, talks about her opposition to the Linear project. Michiko’s daughter Kaito talks about why it’s important to preserve the beautiful village in which she was born for her child Fumi and the children of future generations.
KIM Myoungyoon 김명윤
Born in Korea 1992, relocated to Tokyo in 2017. Finished study at the Japan Institute of the Moving Image,OSHIKA Winds of Change was a graduation work. It has received numerous awards.
Director KIM Myoungyoon
Country Korea
Year 2021
Running Time 89min
Genre Documentary
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