• 널리 보는 세상-그린 아시아
Synopsis One year after the terrible tsunami and earthquake in Tohoku, Taka, who had lost his parents by tsunami, lives in the temporary housing with other refugees and searches for a job. There is hardly any job available around the area, so people live dissipatedly. One day, Taka receives a number of letters from his ex-wife and daughter living in Philippines.
MATSUI Masaya 마츠이 마사야
MATSUI Masaya was born in Gifu, Japan and is based in Tokyo. After working at a visual effects production house for over a decade, he branched out on his own to start directing films, TV commercials, and music videos. In 2011, he started his own film production company, Flower* Inc.
Director MATSUI Masaya
Country Japan, Philippines
Year 2012
Running Time 30min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule