• 한국경쟁
Synopsis On my grandfather’s 99th birthday, I read out a birthday message to him on behalf of my cousins. After the party, my grandfather asked me to do him a favor, which was to write his autobiography. Two years later, he passed away and I had not yet been able to fulfill his wish. Searching for his traces, I found out about the past that I could not imagine my grandfather would be involved in. Being a filmmaker, I had a chance to attend the funerals of those who seemed to have nothing to do with my grandfather’s life. I also lived in the United States for a while due to family circumstances, which made me think about the role of country.
LEE Won-woo 이원우
Since 2006, Won-woo used to make a film with super8mm film and 16mm film for personal documentary film.
Director LEE Won-woo
Country Korea
Year 2017
Running Time 104min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule