• While We Build the Ruins
Synopsis Opera is an animation installation project designed by Erick Oh, an award-winning filmmaker and artist. It is designed as an 8K-size single channel animation which is suitable to be projected on a wall or a large-scale structure. It’s one cycle of 9 minute animation that can be played infinitely. Each section and individual character’s activities are intrinsically connected so the viewers can eventually enjoy the entire Pyramid no matter which character they decide to watch first.
Erick OH 에릭 오
He is a Korean filmmaker and artist based in California, USA. Currently, he is working on a variety of projects with his partners in film/animation, VR/AR industry and contemporary art scene.
Director Erick OH
Country Korea, USA
Year 2020
Running Time 9min
Genre Animation, Experimental
Screening Schedule
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Tel(+82) 264075819