One's Family Gravesite (Seonsan)
  • Nature meets Korean independent Cinema!
Program Note Natasha is a naturalized Korean from Uzbekistan. She wants to have an ancestral burial ground and put down roots in Korea, like other Koreans, but she doesn’t have enough money to buy the right land. She meets an old lady who offers her land for sale and things seem to go smoothly, but when the old lady realizes that Natasha is a naturalized foreigner, she refuses to sell. Natasha is determined to visit the old lady in person and try to convince her.
JUNG Hyungsuk
He began his film career with his short screenplay Jool, which won the Grand Prize at the 9th KOFIC Awards. In 2016, his first feature The Night View of the Ocean in Yeosu was selected for the Korean Feature Competition at the Jeonju International Film Festival. The following year, his feature The Land of Seonghye won him the Grand Prize at the Korean Competition at the JIFF.
Director JUNG Hyungsuk
Country Korea
Year 2022
Running Time 40min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule