Once You Know
기후위기 시대의 단상
  • Climate Crisis, Climate Emergency, Climate Disaster
Synopsis Once You Know is the intimate journey of director Emmanuel Cappellin across the abyss of a world at the edge of climate-induced collapse. His voyage into this uncharted territory is that of a whole generation turning to climate scientists, local democracy, grassroots initiatives, and mass rebellion in a courageous search for an exit.
Emmanuel CAPPELLIN 에마뉘엘 카펠랭
After growing up between France and the US, studying Environmental Studies at McGill University and film at Berkeley. He began with Oscar-winning film animator Frédéric Back in 2006, and has been directing Once You Know, his first feature doc.
Director Emmanuel CAPPELLIN
Country France
Year 2020
Running Time 105min
Genre Documentary
  • Korean Premiere
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NamePulp Films