Once upon a Tree
필린의 소중한 숲
  • 지구의 아이들
Synopsis Sitting in her favorite oak tree, 11-year-old Filine encounters little wonders in the natural world around her. Then, as trees fall down in the forest, Filine starts to fear that one day she will lose the special oak tree. The rebellious girl makes a plan to stop the tree chopping in the forest. But what if nothing changes anymore?
Marleen VAN DER WERF 마를린 반 더 베르프 Marleen VAN DER WERF
After finishing her Msc in Biology and Ma in Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam, she graduated in the UK for her master in wildlife documentary filmmaking with the film Wadland. ‘Change’ is also a major theme in the documentary, Once upon a Tree , in which she again combines her love for both nature and philosophy.
Director Marleen VAN DER WERF
Country Netherlands
Year 2013
Running Time 15min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule