On the Volcano
화산 아래의 삶
  • 그린파노라마
Synopsis Maria, Matteo and Yole; three lives at the foot of the volcano, a unique location laden with history and mythology. Could it be that the Neapolitans’ proverbial fatalism derives from the vicinity of the Vesuvius itself? On the Volcano tries to make sense of a mad, mad land that ultimately represents us all.
Gianfranco PANNONE 지안프란코 판노네
After graduating in Cinema history and criticism at La Sapienza University of Rome, he graduated in Directing at the National Cinema School. He directed and produced a lot of documentary films including On the Volcano from 1989 to present. His works have earned him awards, have allowed him to participate in many Italian and international festivals and are aired on major European television. He teaches documentary filmmaking at Dams in Roma Tre University and documentary direction at the National Cinema School.
Director Gianfranco PANNONE
Country Italy
Year 2014
Running Time 79min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule