Ocean Souls
바다를 품은 고래
  • Trash Flow, Plastic Oceans
Synopsis Ocean Souls is an emotive documentary about cetaceans. Cetaceans, despite looking so different to us, are possibly our closest relatives in terms of cognitive abilities and family ties. The film includes chapters on emotions, language, social organisation, intelligence and human interaction. Ocean Souls shares new scientific discoveries and discovers that there is an intelligence beneath the waves that closely mirrors our own. The film is an unprecedented collaboration, uniting filmmakers, the best scientists & cetacean experts. Join us as we explore the remarkable lives of these magnificent ocean souls.
Philip HAMILTON 필립 해밀턴
Following a successful 25 year career in international finance, he decided to dedicate his time to the world of marine conservation, producing impactful and inspiring documentaries.
Director Philip HAMILTON
Country UK
Year 2020
Running Time 58min
Genre Documentary
  • Asian Premiere
Screening Schedule
  • DCG
Print Sources
NameOcean Souls Films Ltd