• Eating up the Planet
Synopsis Nureongi is a documentary which explores the history and culture of dog meat consumption in South Korea, one of the few countries where the breeding of dogs for human consumption is legal. Through interviews and on-location footage with animal activists, dog meat farmers, politicians, veterinarians, a diverse group of Korean people, and adopters of “meat dogs,” the film presents a balanced look into all sides of an emotive, sensitive issue. The livelihood of the farmers, the passion of the activists, and the history of this tradition are all essential in exploring this topic.
Kevin S. BRIGHT 케빈 S. 브라이트
One of the creators of the international hit TV series Friends, he is also an accomplished filmmaker of award-winning documentaries. Visiting South Korea, he became intrigued with the complex national debate over dog meat.
Director Kevin S. BRIGHT
Country USA
Year 2020
Running Time 72min
Genre Documentary
  • World Premiere
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NameWeber Shandwick