Notebook from My Mother
엄마의 공책
  • 에코 밥상으로의 초대
Synopsis Ae-ran has been steadfastly running a small Korean side-dish store in the neighborhood. Mother and her son Gyu-hyeon, the part-time university lecturer branded as a loser and troublemaker are not in good terms with each other. Each time she made a side dish or came up with something she had to remember, she has written them down in her notebook with detailed descriptions and drawings. One day, Ae-ran starts showing signs of Alzheimer’s…
KIM Sung-ho 김성호
Since his feature debut film Into the Mirror, KIM Sung-ho has established himself as a genre film director with works that include script editor on the 2007 Black House and director of one of the episodes Cliff in the 2013 ominibus Horror Stories 2. His 2015 film How to Steal a Dog has received awards and nomations at various film festivals including the 52nd Grand Bell Awards where he was nominated for Best Director. Notebook from My Mother was also invited to various film festivals before its theatrical release.
Director KIM Sung-ho
Country Korea
Year 2018
Running Time 103min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule