Nostalgia for the Light
빛을 향한 노스탤지어
  • 포커스- 세계화의 오늘
Synopsis In Chile, at three thousand meters altitude, astronomers from all over the world gather together in the Atacama Desert to observe the stars. But there are also the remains of the dictatorship’s political prisoners. Whilst the astronomers examine the most distant galaxies in search of probable extraterrestrial life, at the foot of the observatories, women are digging through the desert soil in search of their disappeared relatives.
Patricio GUZMÁN 파트리시오 구스만
Patricio GUZMÁN was born in 1941 in Santiago, Chile. He studied at the Official Film School in Madrid where he specialized in documentary cinema. In 1973, he filmed The Battle of Chile , a five-hour documentary about ALLENDE’s period of government and its fall. It is considered one of the best documentary films ever made.
Director Patricio GUZMÁN
Country Chile/France/Spain/Germany
Year 2010
Running Time 93min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule